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WHERE: Louisville Kentucky, Cafe 360

WHAT DID U SMOKE: Peach Mango Mix

PRICE: 12$ plus $1 for the extra flavor.

FOOD: French Toast Platter

SERVICE: Pretty sweet our regular guy is always friendly.

ATMOSPHERE: Kinda cramped but nice, local artwork on the walls and stuff, the only bad thing was there were some girls trying to smoke Hookah but they kept saying they didn't have their ID's with them, so needless to say they couldn't smoke or sit at a table with smokers that did have their ID's with them. Well they tried to sit by their friends who were smoking (and probably trying to sneak hits) and when our regular hookah guy tried to get them to move they put up a hissy fit, he kicked em out. I'm glad he did. Stupid *insert bad word here*'s.
Otherwise it was great.

RATING 1-10: prolly a 7, they shisha could have been prepared better (more flavor) and we had to move around our own coals alot, so his hookah maintaining skills weren't so good, I don't know if most hookah servers are supposed to manage your coals, but a place I went to in Asia a year ago the guy came and checked the coals every 20 minutes.

OVER ALL THOUGHTS ON HOOKAH BARS: There alright when you don't have immature stuck up hookah whores around.
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