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Default Foods to avoid with your Hookah

Ok so I thought I'd add some advice to first time hookah smokers.
And others can add to the list if they know of FOODS THAT JUST DON'T MIX WITH HOOKAH!

MY food to avoid before durring and after smoking.

* Spicey foods, specifically, Vegan Salsa with a spicey herb crisp.

I couldn't even take the tiniest puff without my throat burning and coughing like crazy, it was NOT fun. And drinking fluids, water, milk, soda, nothing worked, I had to completely let my buddy smoke the intire bowl because the food had ruined it for me.

Or if people know of foods that go GREAT with hookah, please share.

* A good food to eat before, durring, or after smoking hookah to me is Bailey's Irish Creme Cheesecake, especially if you smoking something like Vanilla, Seven Spice, Rich and Smooth.
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