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Originally Posted by Huskysibe
H-S will assist you, just call them. I found that communication is key. E-mails and their online help are good options but if you cant seem to get the service you feel you deserve, give em a ring on their toll free line and you will see that they want to help.
In the second and third paragraph of my post, you'll notice that I did call them...TWICE on the matter, and yet all they did was feed me some BS story that my hookah was too tall to fit in a carrying case, when according to Mya themselves, there IS a case large enough for it...I'm not gonna waste anymore time calling HS when all they're gonna do is beat around the bush...

Today is yet AGAIN not the happiest days for me...I don't know what the hell is going on! I must have REALLY bad luck or something when it comes to hookah products! Anyway, today the Mya carrying case arrived... I was all happy and stuff, because now I was finally going to be able to carry it the way it should be instead of in a huge shipping box with peanut packaging...But to my awesome luck, when I take it out of its box I try to open it and it doesn't open... I tried for about 20 minutes to get it to open, and it seems like the locking mechanism is deffective...I call Mya to see if there's any other help they can offer to get it to open.

I try what they tell me and nothing works. It's basically welded shut! I got blisters on my fingers for trying to open it for so long! Oh and the best part, I'm talking to the guy and he asks, "are you trying to open both the locks the right way?" And I'm like, both? What do you mean both, there is only one lock... Employee: "Oh, the extra large extra wide carrying case has two locks on it. So it seems like we sent you the medium." ::sigh:: Why do this kind of crap happen to me? I specifically listed the item number for the extra large exra wide carrying case on the order, and yet somehow my luck ends up being that I get the medium size instead, with a deffective locking mechanism. Now I have to wait another week for the right one to come in, and for me to send them the medium one back...Needless to say, I'm pretty aggravated rght now...

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