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Default Re: Anyone willing to stand up for shisha?

Good to hear some interest on what I see as a super important topic. The use of “smoking machines” is huge flaw in method that many serious people have pointed out that machines don’t use tobacco the same way people do which results in exposure levels that are nearly impossible. Those exposure levels are then placed into models with openly biased assumptions and extrapolated over decades to give a desired result.

yet it’s only tip of the ice burg in what’s wrong with clinical studies. If anyone actually read the original Surgeon General’s report you’d be surprised at how shabbily scientific method is abused for political ends. The lack of rigorous control groups, lousy sample methods and a failure to consider socio-economic factors are just a few of the issues we need to look at.

I bet you have heard the non-sense about how a single narghile session is the equivalent of smoking a case of cigarettes. Such inane claims are based on studies so poorly thought out it amazes me that anyone gets paid to produce such dribble.

If anyone wants I could post some material about these matters that will blow your mind.
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