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Default Re: hookah pro vs hookahforum

had to read the hate it a fault.

Smiley, you bashed me in several ways, including blaming me for your 1st 24 hour. *I* am not solely responsible. I come here and find someone I thought was my friend saying things about me here instead of to my face. Nice. I've never once said anything bad about you behind your back. If im going to talk about someone I do it to their face. And it's not like we don't talk outside the forums. You coul have expressed a problem there and not dragged it public. Sorry to loose you as a friend. You're a nice guy and helped me a lot as you pointed out. But friends don't talk about friends behind their backs. Period.

Ya, accounts got banned. Most of you were so unhappy with the way the HF is being run you came over here and started bashing. Fine, its cool, now you never have to worry about being mistreaded in hf again. Why would you go back to such a terrible place anyways? And making alternate accounts is against the rules and will get yo banned again. just liek Mathazar, johndeere, and hookahetc. who we had to ban in 4 different accounts. You all made your beds, now lay in em.

Re-read my messeges and my pm's. I never said take it down, I just pointed out that allowing it in the first place was directly contradicting the "co-exitance" claim. Once it was allowed to run as long as it was the damage was done. Erasing it wasn't going to help and *I* never asked that it be done.

I posted some more thoughts in smiley's "well i got banned" thread.

So far as I can see, this is a mirror site with a mirror chat even. How is tis going to add anything new? Only difference is that here YOU all are in charge, and there WE all are in charge. That's really a new addition to the hookah community...2 identical forums.

Lots of luck, you are off to a great start.