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Default Re: did i get the right glycerine/ technical name for what we use?

Originally Posted by BigE View Post
You work with glass? interesting. do you have any pics of things you've made? by the way what is etsy
ya im a student at VCU, one of the areas im in is Glass (the other being metal) i dont have any pics really of anything that is very impressive (just bowls and cups and then some more sculptural pieces we had to do for class. but i do have something that is being annealed (you have to cool the glass slowly or else it will break apart at some point, either pretty fast or in like 20 years, but its a random crack that happens for no reason to those looking at it)

i will be putting up a post when i can get a good base blown (hardest part is making it to the right size i need so it fits, not to hard to do but its just getting the skills honed.

etsy is a website for people to sell hand made and found objects (like retro stuff that it cool). kind of like ebay but the maker of the item doesnt get screwed unless they just want to sell stuff cheap (i have seen silver rings that should be around 20-70 bucks being sold for 10 (just the people that do their stuff for fun and just wan to cover costs). then again there are pieces on there that are 3-4 times what they should be sold for but its much better for artists to use since it takes like 1-2 % commission as apposed to galleries selling stuff and taking 50-80%

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