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Originally Posted by Huskysibe
According to Mya there is a case large enough, but maybe H-S doesnt carry that particular case. In their defense, maybe they were correct in telling you there wasnt a case that fits it since they dont have one to match up. Alot of comapnies provide hookah bags with their products instead of hard cases. I have seen the hard cases in my wholesale catalogs though, but not a lot of people carry them since its too hard for a customer to be able to tell if they will fit properly. I am willing to bet they sell better at a brick and mortar shop.
Yeah I understand you... Some vendors won't buy a carrying case and instead supply a bag becasue that's what they have on hand... But that's cool... that's not what I'm pissed about. What I'm pissed about is the fact that on their site, under the description of the hookah I bought, it says that this hookah comes with a carrying case (follow the link I posted above and see for yourself). This is very misleading like I said above, and what they should do is say that it comes with a hookah BAG. It really sucks to pay $200.00 and expect certain things to come with it, but instead, recieve some cheap and useless hookah bag.

If I knew this was going to happen, I would've ordered my hookah directly from Mya themselves, even if I wouldn't have recieved all the cool complimentary stuff that most other vendors provide (ie. sample flavors, rolls of coals etc.). Now I know for future reference that it would be better to purchase directly from Mya themselves, because even though you won't get the complimentary stuff, at least you'll get the carrying case that should come with it to protect it. A $200.00 hookah shouldn't be carried in some cheap and weak bag. You're just asking for it to break if you would do that. It belongs in a carrying case, like the ones which Mya provides with this specific hookah in the first place.

H-S buys Mya's at wholesale price as well as many other vendors (obviously). Me and my friend are in the process of trying to start our own hookah business, and we already have a wholesale account with H-S. My hookah, the one I paid $200.00 for, is sold at wholesale for $100.00. Literally half off! So from a customer's point of view, if H-S is banking off my ass for giving them $100.00 in profit alone, don't you think I deserve to get it with the carrying case that's supposed to come with it? Specially when on the site itself, it says it will come with one! You see where I'm going with this?
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