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Default Re: personal pref on bowls

Originally Posted by FarBeyondDriven View Post
as others have said ash can get down your stem or on your grommet (mostly depends on hole pattern and if you don't get it right the pull will be terrible because the foil will cover the hole.)
Haven't had the ash problem yet, but then I don't put holes over the center of my phunnel bowl, mostly just around the edge and a few through the middle circle. It did however clog the center hole after a while, the foil stuck to it, but it was easy enough to fix by sticking a toothpick in the foil and pulling up slightly.

I don't like the idea of juice going down the stem, so I've only been using the small phunnel, seems to work well with maybe 5 grams (adverts suggested it holds 10-15g.) No reason you couldn't fill half the bowl too, and keep the coals over that half.
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