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The unfortunate thing is that ALL religion is man made. Too many twists have been put on religion that make "Religion" almost offensive.

People will believe what they want to believe and all of it is open to interpretation. Jim Jones convinced his flock to drink tainted Kool-Aid...

The Roman Popes ordered the slaying of many during the "Holy Wars.." I am sure it was not God's intent.....

Therefore, to slice apart any religion is futile as those who abide by the laws interpreted by man will defend those laws to their graves.

I remember reading the last chapter in Revelation that says something to the effect of that was the end of God's word...nothing to be taken away and nothing to be added. many things have actually been added or taken away to fit a particular religion?

I have a difficult time with ANY religion...especially when you can show where man tries to add in his own ideas to make the religion palatable for himself.
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