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Default hookahs cant purge!

i hate to rant again about stupid hookah lounges but heres a funny story. i was at my local hookah lounge in Woodbridge,VA and this couple next to me is smokin out of a knockoff chinese rig thatd you find at your nearest hookah lounge and the smoke starts getting too thick for her and shes coughing. her "boyfriend" (im guessing) stood up and took the coals off the bowl blew off the ash then told his girlfriend to blow in. she starts blowing really hard (no pun intended) to purge the smoke and water comes spewing out of the top of the hookah into the bowl and all in the ashtray extinguishing there coals and the bowl. the owner came over and said in a extremly heavy middle eastern accent, "You blow out? you can only blow in! hookah you sucking not blowing! if you want new one you must buy" i felt like i shouldve gotten into this conversation and told the guy off but decided instead to just watch and laugh. I found it funny that he told this women that. For the rest of her hookah smoking like she will think hookahs cant purge. and i bet her boyfriend felt like a total douchebag. (excuse my language)
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