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Default does anyone own a saharasmoke hookah?

i'm thinking about getting the 4 hose cyclone. [link] i've smoked one before and it's perfect for my situation. my only problem is, i don't know if the hoses are washable. they have to be, because i can't stand the aftertaste of a strong flavor (even though i blow through the hoses after every session). i smoke alot of damn hookah, too! i don't think there's a metal coil in there because i have 2 nammor hoses and the material and flexibility compares to the sahara ones. i have non washable hoses and i can totally tell that theres a coil in there.

is there anyone that knows for sure? i know it sounds like i just answered my own question, but i'd like to know for sure because this is a big investment for me and i'm probably keeping this one for like, 4-5 years; or until it breaks. and i really don't feel like shelling out another $40 + $11 to hookah-shisha for 2 more nammor hoses.

thanks guys, i appreciate it.
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