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Default Re: any uk smokers about ??

Thanks for the kind words, yep john has never done me wrong with products or service

Originally Posted by luqyno1 View Post
hi there 18, from the UK, bradford, to be exact, love smokin hookah, and ive just ordered from john at CH and his service is unbeatable, and postage is always reasonable. i once ordered bout, 2kg's from and postage was around $120, just ordered from john 2-3 days ago and postage was around $73 for about 5-6kg of flavour. and patelbabdboy2006, seen your reviews, on youtube, good job, i thought pretty much hit the nail on the head for most of them flavours.
Originally Posted by Bishopspocket View Post
Cheers Patel,

I have emailed John @ ******* Hookah to answer a couple of questions, one of which is regarding shipping.

I guess as you have ordered from John, Whats the Postage like and do you ever get slammed by customs?

Anything else i need to know to get my shisha back to the UK for CHEAP!??

Cheapest way would be to order a lot of flavours so postage works out cheaper for each flavour, never been charged customs when ordered from John and shipping takes 7-9 days from the day it leaves him to getting it delivered to my house, so that is pretty quick
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