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This is odd... In the couple of years I've been smoking hookah, I've religiously purchased Starbuzz and nothing else. I've tried over 14 different flavors from them, and not once was I ever dissapointed with a flavor. Till this day, I have not come across a Starbuzz flavor where I can say that it's repulsive or that it doesn't taste good. I guess I'm not that picky 8)

I've tried Layalina and Romman and Al-Amir. IMO, Starbuzz kicks their ass ten times over! Layalina and Romman both dissapointed me. They didn't have the flavor intensity of Starbuzz, and the thickness of the smoke wasn't all that great either. Thank god they were only sample packs! Al-Amir was pretty good actually. Not as flavorful as Starbuzz, but it was good, and I purchased it more than once... Me and my fellow smokers ALL love the flavor and smell of Starbuzz shisha. To us, Starbuzz is second to none...
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