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Hookah Company has been a great to me. I bought my first KM from them after talking to George about what might be a good hookah for me to get. George threw in the cleaning brushes, let me swap out the Egyptian bowl for the small Tangier's Phunnel. gave me 6 50g samples of different types of tobaccos, three sets of replacement grommets, a full bag of natural orange wood coals and a bag of mouth tips. All this for the low price of $130. I paid more than that for my cheap skull hookah I bought at a local head shop(just got the hookah for that price).

Funny story I bought the KM a few days ago and the night I bought it a few friends and I were smoking when I noticed it just wasn't producing the smoke I thought a KM was suppose to produce. It was producing smoke you might find coming from a cheap Chinese knockoff(like my skull hookah would). I checked the check valve to find that it was missing the bearing. We were smoking in our hotel room. My friend took the cover off late in the night while I was sleeping[PHP][/PHP] and never put the check valve cover back on when he was done. So now I had no bearing and no cover.

I called up HC the next day and explained the missing bearing and to see if they had any covers. The lady in the office took down my number and called me back in a matter of minutes with news that they indeed had covers and would ship one out to me with the missing bearing. Being local I let her know I would be on my way down as soon as I was let off of work. I was given a check valve and a guy(don't know his name yet) who worked in the back wanted to make sure it was going to fit. He pulled out the same type of KM and tried to put the cover on. The cover didn't fit. He then took the check valve from the KM and and the bearing from it and handed it to me. "Well we know this one will work." He said with a smile. He then offered me some free samples of AF and some others for the trouble. HC has great service and in my opinion bends over back wards to make sure the customer is happy. I will be a loyal customer for sure.
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