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Default Syrian Helpage

Alright, so My JandR Syrian is amazing. It's my favorite rig of all time by far.

Yet, i have found on single problem.

There are 3 hose ports. When Jimmy ships them out, he takes off the purge valve and puts on an Auto-seal port.

The two ports normal hose ports work perfectly fine. The smoke you get is immense. Now, we tried the third hole.

****Before i go into this, i used a Nammor Hose, tested with the ball bearing in and out, cleaned out the heart.

So i pull from the normal port. I get a cloud. My friend pulls from the Modded Port, and gets less than a cloud. At first i though he was just pulling less than me. SO i took another pull, then he did. Then he said "It seems harder to pullf rom this one, and when i do i can't hear the bubbles as much".

SO i was like, "Hah, watch this". I pulll a long deep one. Half the amount of smoke comes out. Then i tried it trying to fix it with the above ideas, nothing.

Does anyone know what to do? I'm actually surprised i can't figure this one out myself.
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