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Default Re: What is the worst flavors or brands any of you had?

i just got my order of Fusion Hazelnut a couple days ago

smell: gross
taste: gross
smoke: nonexistent

i won't be trying Fusion ever again, its pretty expensive and their "hazelnut" was unbearable. its free for whoever wants it, just pay for shipping...
also, i personally don't like tonic and al amir. local shop sells these two brands and i think his stash is super old or something that by the time i buy it and try them out, its like disgusting and nauseating.
not sure of the brand, but i used to like citrus/berry flavored tobacco but after trying this certain lemon flavored tobacco, i hated it because it smelled like car freshener, and so i haven't smoked any citrus/berry flavored since.
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