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Default Re: Wind Cover for Khalel Mamoun

I don't know if you guys have tried this, and I don't have a Kahlel Mamoun...but on my Egyptian, whenever I'd use the small tangier's phunnel bowl, the wind cover would never would just hang off of the bowl... but I solved the problem by placing the tongs horizontaly on top of the ash tray, and this added the needed height so that the wind cover could cover the bowl without touching it... Try it out, it might work. Basically what you're doing is just setting the wind cover higher by making it sit on the tongs... spread your tongs out a little if you need to, and then slide them through the hookah so that the stem is in between the tongs. And make sure they're leveled out to the other side of the tray for stability...hope this helps...

ps. sorry for the long description, just wanted to make sure you guys understood which way to set the tongs
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