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Default Re: personal pref on bowls

Originally Posted by chrisicool View Post
I use only the standard bowl that came with my mya, but I hear a lot of good things about the Phunnels. A buddy of mine just got a phunnel, he said that the smoke didn't seem to thick to him(lighter than normal); But, he probably just didn't pack it enough. It's a lot bigger bowl than a standard hookah bowl from what I can tell.
phunnels smoke differently, no doubts about it the flavor is slightly different but not huge but some people will notice, i sure do but its not bad.

as to the mya bowls, im not to impressed with them, they are too deep and when i used mine for some reason i got all sorts of ash down the stem and got a really bad flavor, and my friend that uses his pretty regularly has complained a few times about the top ending up burned and the bottom being really untouched, i like deep bowls but that seems a little to deep

Originally Posted by guesswhoy0 View Post
for those that are using the standard bowl, are you packing HH and HF shisha differently? i havent smoked HH or HF yet but i hear using a standard bowl it gets harsh quick?
just use less heat, like 2 coconut type coals as apposed to 3 like you use on other shishas, also double foiling wouldnt be a bad idea unless your using HD (hot heavy strength, no matter what people say, its thinner and smokes differently than HD, and thicker than regular)

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