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Default Re: might be a stupid question but...

Originally Posted by chrisicool View Post
It was on my mind lately. Do you think a coffee cup warmer / cup warmer would get hot enough to light a natural coal? I ask, because right now I have my setup in the basement far away from a stove-top. I could probably rig one to supply more voltage to the warming plate hence getting hotter. Has anyone tried this?
It might work if you take off the protective platter and expose the underlying coil. I dunno if the coil gets red hot, I doubt it does. I assume you'd need red hot to get the coals going.

If you wanna hack on something to rig up some coils, electric hair dryers have nice small-sized coils that do get red hot. Just bust an old dryer open and cannibalize the parts. Toss the blower into your spare parts bin or somn. Reassemble the coils & power controls into the fire-proof decorative container of your choice =)

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