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Default Re: Are my hoses washable?

Originally Posted by BIGPOPPA View Post
fezzik, how is the draw on the Saudi Washable?
Don't really know what to compare it to but let me just say this about it. This is my thinnest gaged hose on the outside but most liberal draw. So looks can be deceiving. It may not measure up to a Razan but for me this is more than enough draw to keep me happy. The one that came with my hookah has the widest gage and to me they seem pretty much equal. I would say somewhere between a MYA and a Razan probably. I think I have smoked off a Razan once or twice I vaguely remember it so I can't really compare.

For $9 before the discount I gotta say how bad can it be. Besides it is wicked attractive. I mean it has those stupid scrunchie things on them but they match up pretty well so it looks good. I gotta pick up some more cause my wife keeps grabbing that one for everything. I have to remind her we have 5 hoses we can rotate. Just because she has a favorite doesn't mean we can't show some love to the others.
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