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Default Buying A KM Online (Outside of US)

Hello guys... This is my first post here.

So guys, im planning to buy a hookah from an online shop, a KM, because here in Cyprus what i only found were KM alikes like the Pearl or the Tri Metal and not the real thing.

So i need your knowledge about KM's.

As i found in the review section, most KM's are smoking about the same, so the selection is more about the aesthetics about the hookahs. Im planning buying from a 33inch to a 36inch KM. Is there any difference in the smoking experience from a 33 to 36?

Which vendors have the most selection of KM'S? Im also planning buying a small tangiers funnel, tangiers tobacco(never tried, only Al Fakher, Nakhla, Al Waha, Havana and Sinbad found in local shops), a Razan hose and Coconaras coal. So if a vendor have all of these, and also shipping in Cyprus, Europe it would be fantastic.

Thanx in advance.

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