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Default Waldmeister

I don't know if you guys have tried this stuff but it's a sweet syrup flavoured with Linden from Germany used in kid drinks and while it's great on it's own it's even better with your moassel. What I do is put about 120-160 grams of the stuff in with the ice water in the base and mix it up. It adds a great floral taste with some sweetness to what ever you're smoking provided it's not an extremely strong flavour. Do note that it will make the water in base green but that doesn't bother me.

You can also use it in place of honey/molasses when making your own moassel or when wetting something is overly dry like Zaghloul, Salloum Plain or Desi Merli. Mixing it with Desi Merli plain is amazingly good and so easy I hope you guys give it a try.
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