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Tobacco is not a drug because a drug is intended to intoxicate and used for that purpose. While it is true that tobacco use does have substantial risks associated with it those risks have been wildly overstated. Like so many things, moderation combined with a healthy lifestyle is the key to risk reduction.

You are wrong about Cigarettes being seen as healthy so you may want to read a book called For Your Own Good by Jacob Sullum that discusses various tobacco bans throughout history (even death sentences) so what we are currently dealing with is nothing new but mostly hysteria, societal control, junk science and a vastly overblown public health risk.

I don't have problems with religion per say and while Islam is not for me I respect and encourage some forms of traditional Islam in traditionally Islamic nations. Personally, I have more sympathy for secular pan Arabic nationalism as the best means to keep imperialism at bay.

As to Ramadam I am just trying to get a handle on the rationale for certain traditions. By the way, I was reading some stuff about the sunset of the Ottoman empire and came upon several accounts of Sufi clerics smoking vast amounts of Jurak and Tombac during Ramadan so the current notions of giving up tobacco are pretty new.
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