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Default Re: Does anyone know if al fakher is changing for 2009?

Originally Posted by The Egyptian View Post
I got half a kilo of that .....
The only AF i bought this month and it was smokeable was Rose and Mint, although Mint got me sick

Watermelon... Shit
Melon... Shit
Jasmine... Semi shit
Cherry... Wanted to puke
Double apple... Very little flavor
Strawbbery... To puke again...

I dont know why but the batches we got here in Cyprus are totally... shit

Two days ago i bought AF grape and smelled it without opening it... It was smelling good, at last a good batch i said! But the smell when i opened it was... cant describe it... worst tobacco smell i had... I put one bowl and acclimate the rest until today... Shit shit shit both the 2 days!
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