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Default Re: Does anyone know if al fakher is changing for 2009?

all the af i have ordered since i started smoking:

Watermelon 250g X4- 1 Bad batch All 2008 Prod. Date Harsh tickle in throat

Cherry 250g-2 Bad batches all 2008 prod. date no harsh tickle, just tasted like plastic or something.

Strawberry 250g x2- 1 bad batch 2008 prod. date. bad tickle! lol

Melon 250g x1- Never again. Not even comparable to a melon.

Pineapple 250g x1- Its ok.

Golden Esk. Apple 250g- Small tickle at first, after a little while of having it it went away.

Grape 50g x1- Smells fine when you take a small whiff and/or hit. Big inhale on this stuff smells and/or tastes like ketchup. (anyone ever tried french fries with this stuff?) lol.

Jasmine 50g x1- Meh...OK

Golden Strawberry 250g x2- Heavenly each time i smoke it.
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