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Originally Posted by Kwikwi View Post
There is nothing wrong with the Zen except the vase size. Go with the Sahara Genie, 16 dollars more. The stem on the Zen is the Genie stem anyways you might as well get the vase it was intended to use. Since I actually own and use one everyday I thought I would throw my two cents in rather than just spamming MYA.
If you decide to go with the genie, I would go about it the following way;

1. Buy the zen for 23.95.
2. Buy small genie vase for 15.95.

You get an extra zen case you break yours for about the same price..actually cheaper by like a nickel?

Only disadvantage I can see is that the genie carrying case might be different...idk.

EDIT: not cheaper if you want the 2 it costs 4.00 extra for a zen two hose and nothing extra for a genie two hose...

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