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Default Starting a Online Hookah Store?

I am planning on opening a hookah lounge here in Phoenix in the next year, but I have realized that I am not all that familiar with all the brands and flavors of shisha, and I want to be an expert at what I sell.

I decided I am going to open a online store, selling a few hookahs, but mainly keeping it to shisha and coals. I am going to keep it small, but still offer a wide variety of shisha, coals, and hookahs.

I am looking to see what you guys think I should stock for flavors?

Here is a Tentative Price List:

Nakhla 250g - $6.75
Al-Waha 250g - $8.00
Layalina 250g - $9.50
Al-Fakher 250g - $9.75
Golden Al-Fakher 250g - $11
Starbuzz 100g - $10
Starbuzz 250g - $17.50

What do you guys think? Any suggestions?
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