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Default Re: Starting a Online Hookah Store?

Originally Posted by patelbadboy2006 View Post
The prices are on par with other online retailers.

What i look for in a online seller,

1. good range of products like pipes, bowls, etc etc
2. price(and if they offer a discount)- obviously should be low as possible
3. service/ reputation- stay in touch with online communities
4. shipping charge keep it a flat rate if possible
5. freebies they give
6.have a decent slection of hookahs, no chinese stuff but syriuans km and mya's if possible
7. e-mail responce, available to call, msn if possible
I am restricting the shop to sell mainly shisha and coals, I will only have a small variety of hookahs at any given time. (~5).

I am pricing my items slightly lower than some major online retailers I have found.

What sort of freebies would you expect? I was thinking of throwing a roll of quick lights in with purchases over $20 or something, not sure how I would do that yet.

I am only going to sell Mya's for the hookahs.

I am on my computer 15-20 hours a day, response would be within hours.
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