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As to Islam I agree that most authorities will agree with you. I also know that Sunnis and Shiites are the major sects although those terms are so broad they are not much use as both sects have dozens of major divisions. While Sufis are not very significant the fellows I mentioned earlier are well known authorities on religious law and are mainstream scholars rather then Sufis. Still, Iíd say you 80% right on the matter of clerical opinion.

Addiction is a complicated and the extent to which a substance is addictive is something that a dictionary is simply not up to covering. I don't buy into the notion that tobacco is a drug for the simple reason that millions of ex-smokers became that way with no professional help or medicines whatsoever and no other addictive drug can claim that. I could also point out that a lot differences exist as to what constitutes a pharmacological definition of addictiveness and that some of my old posts dealt with that topic. I suggest you read the Sullum book I mentioned earlier as well as the vast pile of resources that point out the ubiquitous and common problems with tobacco research. Searching my old posts will give you a lot of reading material. After you go through some of the material Iíve cited in the past Iíll be happy to debate the matter with you but until youíve considered critiques of the popularly accepted material debating such topics will likely be fruitless.
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