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Default Re: Starting a Online Hookah Store?

Originally Posted by xHARRYxCOLONx View Post
for the hookahs u should sell sell the mya mini acrylic and the qt (just cuz theres some size difference and i think ppl like that) and def see if u can get any KM's MZ's or Syrians. get as many possible flavors as possible i would say or just order a bunch for urself smoke it and see which ones u like the most and sell those. i havent tried many of these brands that u have up but i like fantasia(pink lemonade,rasberry lemonade,pumpkin spice,blueberry,margarita,and others but these are just the ones i like the most haha. oh and def. get them in the 50g boxes and 100g tubs!) ok u gotta drop the waha cuz its bad, unless its extremely fresh! good idea with the free 50g box or coals. what kinda coals were u planning on getting? im also interested in the lounge cuz i live in mesa and it might not be too far from me. P.S. sell phunnel and clay bowls and nammor hoses lol

WOW long post haha
I love Fantasia, it's just expensive to buy and sell. I am going to have 50g boxes, but no kilo tubs.

For coals, I plan to use Exotica Natural Fingers, and Three Kings Quick Lights? Not sure what else yet. Lots of planning!
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