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Default Re: Anyone else who made video reviews get this message...

uh oh i know someone here who is going to blow a gasket....
as a vendor I will not ask for reviews to trade for free product, that takes away from any objectiveness you will have. You are basically being bought. Some may feel obliged to give a great review since you were given something for free. If you pay for something you have every right to give your true opinion.
I have asked, when I was getting started for you guys to post reviews here at HP but haven't done so since after my first month of business or so. Also I gave out free coal samples to introduce my product to the market. That's it, but then, I started getting requests for free products in trade for a review which I am not doing. It's just not fair, plus I can't give out free stuff, it actually costs me $$$.
Many of you do reviews because hookah is your hobby and you are passionate about it. When you do it unsolicited it's more genuine. Thanks to you guys who have done reviews for me and my products.

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