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Default Re: Starting a Online Hookah Store?

Originally Posted by KarmaHookah View Post
What sort of freebies would you expect? I was thinking of throwing a roll of quick lights in with purchases over $20 or something, not sure how I would do that yet.
Anyone who "expects" freebies needs to have their head examined. I buy from the vendors I do because of selection, price, and service. Not what I'm going to get free just because they should give me crap. Vendors are not in this business to give away things because someone expects to get something for free. Don't get me wrong I am ecstatic when I open a box from my main suppliers and there is something I never expected. It makes it that much better to give them my business knowing they go above and beyond at times to just say thanks. Now promotions are different, just go with random stuff now and then and you will find what works well. Sorry for the rant but that expecting freebies sometimes draws out the beggars. As for forum discount codes, thats up to you. I have bought a lot of stuff from vendors who do or did not have a code at that time.
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