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Originally Posted by pharm View Post
yea nakhla is great but its all preference. if you dont like it then you dont go smoke another brand. there really is no need for this post
... Um, wow... My name is Joe, Nice to meet you. Have fun in the future with my posts.

Originally Posted by Dunkel View Post
Hmmm He doesn't post in forever and he shows up to tell me he thinks Nakhla sucks? LOL This from the guy wearing the little Superman panties! About time you pried your a$$ out of the chair and turned off WoW!
Hey you... I'll put on some T backs next time if you aren't careful!

Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
eh, lets break this guys legs, he doesn't show any respect for the HP Don of Nakhla
I have duct tape, I'm okay!

Originally Posted by speel View Post
nakhla and sucks in the same sentence ...this is BLASPHEMY!
NO, THIS IS SPARTA! Although I can turn this around and make those words sound beautiful together like: It really sucks that there are still ignorant people in the world that don't think Nakhla is the best Shisha EVER! See what I did thur?

U all and so glad to be off WOW for 10 min today. Okay, time to go take a nude for uncle Dunk . Hi Samb
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