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Default Three hookahs one choice!

Me and my future room mate wanted to buy an ice chambered hookah in the very near future and we've narrowed it down to three choices. Our priorities are still kinda unclear, but our old hookah is an authentic Egyptian pipe i was given as a gift so we don't want some plastic piece of junk but still want something a bit modern. The most important concerns are 1) ice chamber/chilled effect 2) Quality 3) Multi hose for socializing and finally 4) portability.

Our three choices of pipes are...(in no order)
1- The Shecool
(only concern is the freezing, how long does it take? Is it worth it)

2- The Ice torrent

3-The KM Ice
(only one hose )

Any input would be greatly appreciated, i know the KM is the best quality but that site is pretty lame when it comes to free bees and we kinda want a bag. I've watched Sam's review of the shecool but some more input would be fantastic.
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