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Default Re: Three hookahs one choice!

I would say go for the KM then Hit the hardware store buy a brass T and a foot of hose and make it a two hose unit

or you could get a Crushed Ice Chamber from Sahara Smoke
From there site:
The brand new crushed ice chamber easily screws into place in all of our stems, and rests directly under the charcoal tray. Our ice chamber takes cooling your smoke a step farther than most: you place crushed ice into its form fitting design and then sprinkle a teaspoon of salt in, cooling it to subzero temperatures for hours. Why make a mess and risk your vase by shoving ice into it when you can rock the crushed ice chamber? Empty out crushed ice chamber after every smoking session.
friend mine has a Sahara hookah it is nice and appears to be lasting and he ordered an Ice Chamber last week but no official trial yet and I get nothing for sending you to Sahara just opening your options
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