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Default Re: Starting a Online Hookah Store?

Originally Posted by Rob416 View Post
Karma.. get ur Lounge up and running first..thats going to be the main source of money flow. you can even sell tobacco and some other stuff in the lounge/store if your can manage that.. then once you get things rolling and stuff then get a site built up. thats how i would do it but the choices are yours.

I d tend to disagree.

A lounge takes a lot more capital than an online store and therefore there is a lot more risk involved.

Also a lounge is risky now with mroe and more smoking regulations every day.

Granted John's situation was a little different. He didnt have a lounge, but it was more profitable for him to do ONLY online sales and not have to pay for a brick and mortar shop. I think online is where the money is at....if you have looked at any studies and statistics on e-commerce in the last year or two...only spending can only grow. Online shopping is still only done by a VERY SMALL fraction of the country...thats how cell phones used to be, now everyone has one....e-commerce is the next thing...soon everyone will be doing it.
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