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Default Desert Island Shisha - What would you take?

New guy here... First post.

If you had to pick 3 flavors to take to a desert island, what would you take? Brand and flavor.

A little about my tastes... Me and my lady have smoked several flavors including HH Orange (light but refreshing) HH Mocha (I loved it, she was so-so on it) HH Pineapple (Tasted a bit chemically) HH Lemonade (Mixed it with Starbuzz Raspberry both times for a delicious Ras-Lemonade flavor) Starbuzz Raspberry (flavorful and delicious) HH Mixed Berry (used wine in the hookah for a mildly intoxicating smoke... l might try it again with a grape or another brand of mixed berry, it tended to burn about 30 -40 minutes into it) and recently Jewel Double Apple (light and tasty, thick and gooey tobacco with great clouds, didn't get harsh like HH tends to after a half hour.)

We've used Japanese coals and recently switched to Akhla quick lights and always use copious amounts of ice... Smoking out of a cheap 2-hose.

Also- I recently quit smoking cigarettes (about 6 months ago). Should I worry about getting hooked again if i'm only smoking shisha?
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