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For the people that think places like Target are so much better than walmart....that is all media bullshit. Places like target are just as bad if not worse on the corporate level and on the store-to-store level.

I worked there for almost three years and I could go on forever about how shit they are.

Just a few quick examples....people like target better they donate all this money to the united way, when in reality that money comes from target employees paychecks and target tricks you into donating it, when you first get your job there they ask you to fill out a form and they say "how much would u ilke to donate to the united way this year? we will deduct it form your paycheck" First off, its not THIS YEAR, it is EVERY PAYCHECK, it says this in fine print, but the dumbass they hire don't know better, so anyway people will put down like 50$, but if you are working part time 15 hours/week for 8 dollars an hour that is HALF YOUR PAYCHECK, i know a lot of people who made this mistake and it took months to process to get this fixed, also the united way is a very corrupt organization but i wont go into that....

if i had gotten my exact job at walmart i would have made 75 cents an hour more

i made more than one of my friends who worked his job for 5 years because they bump up the starting pay for the basic jobs every so often for inflation but then don't let you keep your old raises that you get each year depending on your rating, essentially making them worthless.

target merchandise and walmart merchandise come from the same exact place, why do people think target is so much better? its cause walmart is cheaper so lower class peopel shop there and so it looks worse....i had my crumbyass target 10% discount and still bought everything at walmart, cause it was cheaper and i felt better knowing i wasnt supporting the evil red empire i worked for.

another thing for you environmentalists out there ( im not one but meh ... )
when i worked at target i worked logistics and as a closer i had to finish up the backroom trash which involved using a baler to bale all the cardboard....well for months my target had a broken baler so we just had dumpsters come ever 2 40 foot dumpsters come for us to drop our cardboard in to be taken to the took months months of not recycling that guys probably don't realize how much cardboard they generate a day....we are talking metric tons

anyway sorry for the rant and thread jack, but it annoys me when people crap on walmart claiming other stores are if target doesnt want to put mom and pop stores out of business too.
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