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Originally Posted by chrisicool View Post
haha well it's different from smoking a cigarette. you don't want to inhale it into your lungs. It's much much thicker than a cigarette smoke. Basically when you inhale it through the hose it'll pull the smoke down through the water causing it to bubble. Then it'll float back up travel through the hose. I'd compare it to smoking a cigar or cigarello. You don't actually inhale it into your lungs. You smoke it for the flavor, and exhale the smoke. Well I guess you could, but man that'd make me cough up a lung.
really u don't inhale?

i d say about 98%+ of hookah smokers in the US do...i only know of a handful on this forum that don.t

without inhaling you can only take in very small amounts of smoke...your mouth is only so big...
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