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Default Re: Starting a Online Hookah Store?

Dude if you carried the Saudi Washable hose or something like it with a wooden mouthpiece and washable. Al Fakher and Nakhla and 3kings or Belgian qls and some good natural coals coconut for the masochistic crowd and hardwood for the rest of us then you would definitely be one to look at for me. So far I have liked all my dealings with several vendors but I tend to have to wait until I can justify buying from one to get something only they sell by adding tobacco to the order or something. Even though I could get a better deal or a better style brand or whatever from someone else. Like right now I want a vortex and some saudi hoses but I want a blue vortex and THS only has black and white but SSC doesn't have the hose I want, and HJ has the deals on AF that would let me sample more of it but he doesn't carry either of the other items but it isn't really worth it at this point to buy from all three cause shipping and all that gets added and you end up paying a lot more than you want to get it. If I could combine those deals in one place it would be my next purchase. THS is as close as I can get but right now they don't have the colors I really want so I wait. Which is good cause I need a little more money to do it comfortably anyway.
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