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Default Re: Anyone else who made video reviews get this message...

Originally Posted by Sambooka View Post
There can be more than one .. I completely agree!
.. but don't be shady about it! lol, ya know what I mean? haha this shyt has been going on for the last year. This isn't the first shady attempt, just the one we left out in the public for you all to see ..

Personally, I decided a long time ago on my permanent hookah home for everything hookah! Hookah Pro FTMFW!

My second favorite would be (but I can't read German!?) I like them because they are top notch and fun to converse with. Even though I have trouble conversing at times .. (translate that for me PCServe to them, and let them know we love the site!)

I actually joined the other one because I thought they may have another perspective but still maybe be cool. Or atleast might be entertaining cause there was apparently a big riff between some here and them. I kind of joined because of that. Unfortunately they have a lot of the same stuff just more of it and more repeats. I did find information and some reviews on stuff that isn't reviewed here yet. I don't like that hd won't let you read the forums unless you are a member. screw that. I ain't joining crap unless I know what you are about. Oh I joined a local one too which taught me about the lounges here and which to check out. Though I find them to be wrong in their reviews so yeah at least I got names. This one is the best and the only one I actually visit with any sort of regularity.

Anyway this isn't highlander there can be more than one so they really need to blow off with all this flame war bull crap.
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