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Default Re: Three hookahs one choice!

Originally Posted by bradedup View Post
I can see getting a generic egyptian if the price is right as they probably do smoke the similarly if not identically do a KM, however, those are just as much as a KM, so why take the risk?

Ebay scares me as you will get a hunk of junk 99% of the time. Buying a brand name like Khalil Mamoon will grant you many things over a mass produced hunk o junk:
Quality work, you will get hard working people assembling and building the hookah for the WHOLE process. Quality metals, there will be only the top of the line metals being used in a KM, not the flimsy, cheap leftovers for the Chinese hookahs.

All I am saying is think before you buy... if you could get a KIA or a BMW for the same price or even close, why go for the KIA at all?

In even better words I bought an "Egyptian"(Chinese) hookah off of ebay a very very long time ago. The hookah looked great and performed well for a few months, then I started tasting a metal tingy taste in it while smoking. I did some investigation and found that the piece of junk was made of low quality material and was actually rusting inside. Pretty much I paid as much money for that paper weight as I could have for a KM that would still be hitting strong.
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