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Default Re: Hookahs To Use in a Bar?

Originally Posted by wonderland View Post
I will speak from experience... Mya Saray produces a great hookah, and in my opinion, a great hookah for a lounge because of the replacement parts, cleanability, and overall performance. I use Mya's because careless people come into my lounge, stand up with the hose in their mouth and pull the thing off the table... my base broke... so intead of me having to buy a whole new hand made hookah, I buy the replacement base because it fits 100%. I can take my mya's completely apart and wash, sanitize, and rinse them. Hookah lounges around me do not take the steps to wash their handmades for some reason. I also use 100% washable hoses that are cleaned and sanitized after every use. People say they have a problem with purging the mya... Mya's purge enough where if you do get harsh smoke... blow, move ur coals, blow again and its fixed. Lump coal is alright, exoticas (which I use) is better. Lump coal generally refers to lump lemon wood... I have about 200 pounds of lemon wood... it burns hot but then if your not smoking the thing will go out... I like exotica or the natural rolled fingers. I would never, ever buy a generic egyptian hookah because you will never get your money out of it. For home use hand made are great. But when you have a hookah that might get smoked out of 5-8 times a day you need great quality... I am not saying that KM, etc isnt great quality its just KM is a home use item for me... Hell we all would love to own a Rolls Royce but damn us if we need a part. This comment is not directed at you Fezzik. I mean no anger or anything. I am defending Mya from a lounge owners point of view. No offence.
I really like the myas due to the readily available replacement parts. I plan to clean them after each use.

What hoses do you use? I want washable ones obviously so I can clean them after each use, I plan to have 2x the hoses as hookahs this way if I get behind, I always have a clean hose.

I am planning to use Exotica finger coals, the price is right. I am getting a portable stovetop heater, I plant just to heat them up as I need them, I was told they only take 3-4 minutes heat up fully?

I am considering two tiers of hookahs, have a few of the smaller myas, maybe get a few of the larger ones for a extra price?

I am going to order a few myas to see which ones I like the most, I plan to use the orb and possibly the cosmos, I think the acrylic base will be fine.

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