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Default Re: Starting a Online Hookah Store?

Originally Posted by patelbadboy2006 View Post
I have to say AF must be a big seller as i don't buy from a seller that doesn't have a good range on AF, ad i know a few other people that wouldnt buy unless you have AF as well.
Maybe you can sell more brands but stock less of each flavour, might not need 20 AF apple when 5 would do for example.

The one thing i can gurantee you would get loads of customers is if you offer a flat rate international postage service, even if it is say $60-70 people would just buy more to save on postage, because i easily pay 70 on shipping everytime i place a order and i would order more if shipping didnt go up as well
I plan to offer international rate, there is no reason people should charge per item for shipping.

I am getting in touch with UPS and the USPS to see what sort of prices I can do for shipping.

Anyone know how much a 250g tub weights, including the tub? What about a 50g box?

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