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One of my bases broke some time ago... One day i found a crack on it, maybe from hot/cold water or in transportation and i was super protective when i used it... Next day, i prepared all about the session, had the coal ready and the hookah complete on the kitchen table and i took the hookah to put it on floor. I was extra protective, i just touched the hookah on the floor and it was ok.. 2 second later i saw i big piece of glass falling out and the water running on the floor It was my fourth broken base in a month, although the other 3 werent my fault... one of the bases was part of a Syrian hookah my parents bought from Syria 15 years ago and it was sitting in the sofa for all those years without knowing something, only finding out about it one month before the base broke! I was so angry that i took the stem and throw it away and left it there(we were in a trip mountain for 3 days). After we went back from the trip i realised what i had done!

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