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Default what setups for bowl

i just want to know what setup you guys are using for your bowls.
Or do you just put the tobacco in the bowl and tense the foil over it ^^
Myself using a "Einlochkopf Teelichtmethode" for my Phunnel and a Chos' Simple China (CSC) for my Chinahead.
The first Setup is specialy made for "one hole bowls" and it is like this:

(Pictures from

The so called CSC Setup is made for "more holes bowls" or specially for the Chinahead wich is a standard bowl in germany^^ (yeah my perfect english ^^)
I think picture says more than words so:

And you put 2 Coals (in my case cocobricos) at the border.
(pictures from by Chos)

I hope you understand what i am trying to ask/say
And maybe you got some american Setups for me :>

// Sorry for my bad english ^^
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