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Default Annoying Marketing

I don't know if these peeves of mine annoy Anyone else here but I figure this is the place to sound off about this sort of thing.

1) Calling Moassel Molasses. This strikes me as dishonest when a vendor lists various moassels as molasses while failing to mention that what you are smoking is a tobacco based mixture that may or may not have molasses in it. Some sleazy sellers on ebay even sell Nakhla claiming it's tobacco free molasses.

2) Premium. I've gotten sick and tired of the endless number of companies marketing their tobacco as "premium" when as far as I can tell premium simply means it comes in a metal tin and costs $15+.

3) Exotic. Exotic is another term that has really been over and misused. Hundreds of brands use heavily washed Virginian leaf and fruity/mint/drink flavouring and since anything that is common is not exotic they should call it something else.

4) Herbal. It's simply false to claim that crushed sugar cane is somehow herbal and all the pig latin the world isn't going to change that reality. The companies that make sugar cane based smoking mixtures need to make some effort to tell consumers what they are smoking rather then lie to them.

5) Hot chicks marketing. It always struck me as puerile and dopey when vendors or lounge owners show some scantily clad babe lounging around smoking. Sometimes adds for the moassel or narghile are so focused on the cutie that it's tough to tell what exactly they are selling. I don't give a damn how hot the girl is because when I am looking to buy something I want to know what makes it worth my money.

Anyone else have any marketing pet peeves?
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