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Default Re: Starting a Online Hookah Store?

Here is a list of what I plan on carrying to start:

Nakhla Double Apple
Nakhla Cherry
Nakhla Grape
Nakhla Mint
Nakhla Mixed Fruit
Nakhla Strawberry
Nakhla Sweet Melon
Nakhla Clementine
Nakhla Cola
Nakhla Orange
Nakhla Peach
Nakhla Vanilla
Nakhla Chocomint

Al-Fakher Banana
Al-Fakher Cherry
Al-Fakher Double Apple
Al-Fakher Mint
Al-Fakher Mixed Fruit
Al-Fakher Strawberry
Al-Fakher Sweet Melon
Al-Fakher White Grape
Al-Fakher Bubblegum
Al-Fakher Café Latte
Al-Fakher Cola
Al-Fakher Grape Mint
Al-Fakher Grenadine
Al-Fakher Guava
Al-Fakher Spearmint
Al-Fakher Lemon Mint
Al-Fakher Peach
Al-Fakher Plum
Al-Fakher Vanilla
Al-Fakher Golden Grape
Al-Fakher Golden Apple
Al-Fakher Golden Strawberry

Al-Amir Blackberry
Al-Amir Cherry
Al-Amir Cola
Al-Amir Coconut
Al-Amir Kiwi
Al-Amir Orange
Al-Amir Watermelon

What am I missing? Hopefully I can carry tangiers too.
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