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Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner
I know a lot of people don't want to hear this but frankly am completely against minors smoking anything. They simply don't have the aesthetic sophistication to get much out of it and they lack knowledge to reasonably weigh the risks involved.
Originally Posted by NazarHookah
the dude is underage
And how exactly is it that we know that he is underage?? And how is it that either one of your posts are helpful? Even if he is underage, he says he's been smoking hookah for a couple of months. Meaning, he has been and he is going to continue smoking regardless of your opinion on the matter. Instead of posting pointless things, we should try and answer any questions he might have...

Anyway, age set aside, welcome to the forum! You'll find A LOT of helpful information around here, so just make sure to do your research and use that search button...About the smell, you really shouldn't worry. Hookah smoke never stinks your clothes or any other fabric like cigarettes do... I've smoked inside my house with all doors and windows closed, and my parents and also friends have walked in literally a couple of minutes later, and they have no idea that I was smoking (my parents don't know I smoke either). The good thing about hookah smoke, is that it never stays around... It quickly vanishes.
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