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Default Re: Put an END to the BullShyt the HP way!

Originally Posted by rosc2112 View Post
I know you'd prefer to keep this private, but I do feel compelled to post my experience. I'm fairly new to hookah, I joined this forum and another. I was posting on both. I posted a fairly negative review of a shop I made my 1st order from. Shortly thereafter, that other forum suspended my write privs on the grounds I posted a non-review post in the review forum (I posted a question in the subforum by mistake.)

I post on a lot of forums, not just hookah related, and I've never heard of being suspended just for posting in the wrong forum. In fact, it's usually the moderators job to just move those posts, and maybe send a friendly reminder that it was in the wrong place?

In short, just the tone of the PM I received and the draconian response to one mis-placed post, was enough for me to tell that fella to delete my account. I don't participate in forums that suppress or censor members in such a manner. There are better, friendlier places to participate in.
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